50s Modern

Home Remodel

West Blvd


Custom Steam Shower

Red Dale Drive

Custom tile steam shower with in floor heat, exposed aggregate, and glass walls.

Custom Home / Design+Build

Farmers Residence

The Farmers came to us at the end of the design process of their custom home. They were looking for a builder who could make their dream home a reality. They wanted a beautiful home to retire in with the ability to have everything they needed on one level but still wanted to give their grandchildren a place to stay. This house features 1700 sqft of deck, a 900 sqft living area above the garage, and a dumbwaiter to take food and drinks up to the second floor.

Custom Home/ Design+Build

Emerald Ridge CSP

We built this custom home for customers who are both military veterans. They have been all around the world and seen many different styles and sizes of homes. when they finally decided to build they knew that it was the last house they wanted to build. Every detail was thought out and planned before any dirt was moved. The homeowners had their design ideas from exterior to interior. All in all this house turned out stunning.